93 Plates and IRL Arts

Since the charity was formed, we’ve been kicking around ideas of how to get the word out about spending money locally. We came up with a Farmville-like facebook game, a twitter mystery puzzle, and a geocaching scavenger hunt, all of which ended up on the cutting room floor after the idea of 93 Plates popped up. Let’s get the opinions of the organic writing community (bloggers and independent writers) together with those in the food industry (chefs and restaurant owners) and create some buzz. What better way to encourage people to spend their money locally than to visit with the people who make and document the creation of food?

Practically the entire independent food writing community in New York is on board with this project. A few of the notable participants are Zach of Midtown Lunch, Marc of No Recipes, Jessica of Food Mayhem, Lindsay of Happy Herbivore, Lauren of East Village Kitchen, and Dave of Eating In Translation (you can see the most updated list of confirmed writers here). Some mainstream outlets that have already picked up the project and the interviews will run as the project approaches.

All donations from the restaurants involved in this project will be noted on this site. The restaurant visits will each be documented in a write up on WanderingFoodie.com (click here for a sample write-up) and likely posted on the blogs of the writers in attendance.

* Hagan Blount would like to thank Jean Georges for hosting the initial meal between himself and Steve Dublanica of Waiter Rant.

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