2010 Scholarships

The IRL Arts foundation sponsors five gifted graduating seniors per year with a $500 cash gift toward tuition in a degree in the culinary arts.

This scholarship process is a bit different than others in the culinary world and requires all applicants to submit a video instead of a writing sample. Videos will be graded on a curve and account for 50% of the decision, the other 50% will depend on such factors as grade point average, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, financial need, and work experience (if applicable).

2010’s video will be about your most precious food moment. What was the taste, the smell, the feel, the sound of your most vivid and defining memory of food that made you appreciate eating for more than just sustenance? Why will that help you bring your message to the people when you get out of school? How will the memory of that moment shine through in what you do daily and what about it motivates you to achievement? The video should be from three to five minutes long and you should not be afraid to show your personality! While you should not include music or text overlays in any part of the video, voiceovers and pictures of people, places, or things are acceptable.

The scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors accepted into a two year (minimum 15-month) curriculum in the culinary arts. The school need not be located within the United States to be eligible for the scholarship. Students accepted into the French Culinary Institute in New York City or Le Cordon Bleu North America may also qualify for a tuition waiver.

All 2010 scholarship applications must be received by June 1, 2010. You may submit your application to Info (@) irlaf (dot) org. Please right click to download the application here.

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