Zachary Cohen @ Farm to Table
Tina Wong @ The Wandering Eater
Simon Dang @ Plate Of The Day
Michelle Lapidos @ The NYC Game
Lauren Soutiere @ East Village Kitchen
Kathy YL Chan @ A Passion For Food
Jessica Binder @ Food Mayhem
Lindsay Nixon @ Happy Herbivore
Mike Lieberman @ Urban Organic Gardener
Adriana Velez @ Brooklyn Food Coalition
Jen Bernstein @ Local Appetite
Krista Garcia @ Goodies First
Chris Durso @ Foodiggity
Melissa Sands @ Fork This
Florie @ Dolce In New York
Christine Kim @ Fresh, Local, and Best
Layne Mosler @ Taxi Gourmet
James Boo @ The Eaten Path
Wilfrid @ The Pink Pig
Divya Gugnani @ Behind The Burner
Josh Beckerman @ NYC Foodie
Jean Ann Van Krevelen @ Gardener to Farmer
Jeffrey Chin @ Foodgasm
Jenny Miller @ Various NYC Food Blogs
Amy Cao @ Amy Blogs Chow
Eat It Brooklyn @ Eat Brooklyn Food
Zach Brooks Midtown Lunch
Dan Delaney @ Vendr TV
Andrea & Jeff @ High/Low, Food/Drink
Cindy Zhou @ Chubby Chinese Girl
Allie Schwartz @ Economy Bites
Dave Cook @ Eating In Translation
Amy & Jonny @ We Are Never Full
Danny @ Food In Mouth
Yvo Sin @ Feisty Foodie
Tina & Phil @ $30 A Week
Mike @ Man Eat Food
Marc Masumoto @ No Recipes
Judith Klein Rich @ Foodista
Jessie Yoh @ Savory Bites
Jeff Orlick @ Jeffrey Tastes
Meg Cotner @ Joey in Astoria
Lisa Fain @ Homesick Texan
Steve Shaw @ EGullet.org
Jackie Gordon @ The Diva That Ate New York
David Fishman @ Fishman Foodie
Michelle Weiber @ Thursday Night Smackdown
Siobhan & Alex @ Blondie & Brownie
Stephane Lemagnen @ Zen Can Cook
Liza de Guia @ Food Curated
Lawrence Weibman @ NYC Food Guy
Kathryn Liverani @ Cooking Inside The Box

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