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One of the tenets that we firmly believe in is that organic and natural are better for your body than a manufactured substitute. Sugar is better than Aspartame, Oil is better than Olestra, just about anything is better than high-fructose corn syrup. Just because the United States congress has never voted on the labeling of genetically modified food doesn’t mean we don’t get to vote with our grocery dollars each day. When the demand for something diminishes, the corporate support leaves as well.

One reason we choose not to vote with our dollars is convenience, this is true. The other, and we believe the more important reason, is that we don’t know how to get regionally sourced food. What to look for, where to go, how not to spend an arm and a leg living our values.

Coming in Spring 2010, IRL Arts Foundation will roll out a program that will help you make simple decisions at your local supermarket on how to eat more healthy, more local, and in many cases, more inexpensively that you do today. This handbook will be tailored to the New York City Metro area and will be expanding to other large metropolitan areas as demand and reach broadens. The program will touch upon:

* Grocery stores that source local food
* Regional Brands to look for
* Farm Co-ops and Farm Shares in the NY-NJ-CT area
* Restaurants that primarily use local ingredients
* Growing your own herbs and vegetables
* Food related educational programs and volunteer organizations in your area
* Chart of the fruits and vegetables available season by season with recipes to go along with them

In part with our growing website and handbook, a few thought leaders in the slow food movement have agreed to speak and share their mission and ideas on behalf of the IRL Arts Foundation. Their bios will be up soon and the Q&A sessions will cover the gamut of topics in regionally sourced food and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, university, or organization.

Please send an email to Info (at) IRLAF (dot) org for more information on bringing an IRL Arts Foundation speaker to your school, campus, or event. If you would like a copy of the IRL Arts Foundation 2010 NYC Metro Area Handbook, please send an e-mail to list (at) IRLAF (dot) org and you will be notified when it is available.

2010 Scholarships

The IRL Arts foundation sponsors five gifted graduating seniors per year with a $500 cash gift toward tuition in a degree in the culinary arts.

This scholarship process is a bit different than others in the culinary world and requires all applicants to submit a video instead of a writing sample. Videos will be graded on a curve and account for 50% of the decision, the other 50% will depend on such factors as grade point average, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, financial need, and work experience (if applicable).

2010’s video will be about your most precious food moment. read more . . .


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