Hagan Blount
Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary, IRL Arts Foundation

Hagan is a vocal proponent of anticonsumption and the regionally sourced food movement. He’s a supporter of and donor to Slow Food USA, The Santa Barbara County Food Bank, and #MeToo.

His mom has been extolling the benefits of eating locally sourced meats and produce for years, but only recently, while watching The Future of Food did he become awakened to the widening chasm between the ideals of America’s food producers and consumers. He does not give and tries his hardest not to receive gifts (unless that gift is food, cash, or an experience – he’ll give/take those).

Katie Smith-Adair
Chairman and President, IRL Arts Foundation

Katie has nearly a decade of experience in producing intentional, impactful events, both in person and online, alongside such partners as (RED), The UN, Condé Nast, Intuit, and AmEx, as well as countless winemakers and European wine region marketing orgs.

She had a fast fashion problem while living in New York, which she atones for now by only wearing what she already owns and now only purchases slightly overpriced secondhand items she might wear sometime in the future. She will fish your recyclables out of the garbage bin, even if she isn’t confident modern American recycling is real. Please don’t offer her a bottle of water.

Aubryn Thompson
Director, IRL Arts Foundation

Aubryn’s been running teams for the last 20 years. She started her career working for non profits and recently turned around a global software development agency securing a PE investment, at which point she decided to retire from software…for now.

She witnesses daily the disparity between the rich and the poor and is determined to help bridge the gap. When she isn’t out riding with her best friend Sam, she volunteers for CASA spending quality time with children who need guidance and stability in their lives.