Each day, we casually take for granted the fact that we are sustained by food. For three meals a day, the average American couldn’t be bothered with the questions of where the food came from, how it was cared for as it was raised, what foreign ingredients contributed to its production, and even what technologies were used in its design. It’s not even an afterthought.

We believe that the seeds of change have been planted. Food production and delivery had turned 180A� in the last century, but we at IRL Arts Foundation can see the pendulum beginning to swing back. The choice to buy food that is not regionally sourced may be an economic one today, but more and more people are custom essays starting to see the further social and environmental impact of those decisions. As we move forward in a hub-and-spoke economy that won’t be able to sustain itself without the low energy prices we currently enjoy, the decision is becoming clearer, and may soon me made for us.

The IRL Arts Foundation encourages each of us to take control of our own food destiny and buy regionally sustainable food. With educational programs through high schools and college campuses in the NYC Metro Area, we show people how to not only buy and make food that is more healthy, but often more inexpensive, and with a more immediate benefit to the local economy.

The food you eat should be good for you, that’s a given; but it should also be good for us.


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